Net Objectives offers the most comprehensive Lean-Agile training in the world with the latest training methods.

As Agile has spread, the need for Agile training has exponentially increased. It has reached the point that many people are trained and/or coaches with little experience and using outdated training techniques. It has been well established that for training to be effective it must: 

  • be given in small blocks of time
  • provide actual experience on people's own work or something equivalent
  • create a safe place for learning and accept failure while participants are learning
  • attend to the fact that people have different learning styles
  • incorporate peer-to-peer learning

The implications of this are:

  • workshops must be specialized for a company's needs
  • workshops should focus on doing more than theory, and on the actual work, not the framework

The latest training techniques, called "flipped classroom" and "back of the room training" are slowly being integrated into Agile classes. At Net Objectives, we've been a leader in using advanced training methods in our workshops. More importantly, by focusing on the work actually to be done. Let's consider an example with Scrum. Most Scrum classes teach writing stories with "as a <user> I want <function> so that I can get <value>." They talk about INVEST and SMART stories. But this is only the first stage of story writing. Participants are left to figure out how to write small stories from their own backlog with acceptance criteria. This means that they leave the workshop with a lot of new ceremonies but incomplete skills when it comes to story writing. We consider this backwards. Instead the focus should be on the work not the framework. For more, see Teaching Scrum by concentrating on Agile practices on our portal.

We are experts in all of the main Lean-Agile methods at all levels. These include Lean, SAFe®, Kanban, Scrum, and technical agility. As thought-leaders in all of these areas, we can provide you with the workshops you need that leave people ready to get their job done. 

All courses can be taught at your facilities, anywhere in the world and many are scheduled publicly throughout the year.



We no longer offer SAFe training because we have found or FLEX courses to be more effective. However, our Kanban, architecture, ATDD and technical courses can be taught within the context of SAFe. We also have a special course to train teams in Scrum and ATDD that gets your teams up faster than SAFe's separate offerings of Scrum and ATDD while being more economical.

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