Net Objectives Enterprise Agility Assessment

You can't get where you want to go unless you know where you are.  You can't manage what you don't measure. 

Whether you are considering to start your transformation journey, just started or been on it for a while, Net Objective Enterprise Agility Assessment provides a comprehensive methodology for developing a transformation plan, course correct or complete turn-around of the transformation initiative to maximize the benefits.

Business Challenge

In the fast-moving digital world, new technical innovation is opening new markets and business models, and new competition is emerging. IT is under pressure to achieve the much-needed enterprise agility to deliver new software application fast and accelerate the customer value delivery. Most of the IT organizations are engaged or considering overhauling the software development life cycle (SDLC) transformation. However, the success rate is low because

  • Many organizations don’t even start as they don’t know the destination and even the starting point.
  • Many who do start get stuck due to ad-hoc approach, lack of proper coaching and an adaptable transformation roadmap to scale.

As a result,  they don’t reap the true benefits of Agile transformation. Instead, they are pulled in different directions and experience the loss of productivity versus achieving agility for accelerated value delivery. 

Net Objectives Solution

Most Agile consultants will tell you where they want to take you, regardless of your desired state. Even if there is an alignment with the desired state, there is no single path to that destination. The path is determined by your current situation, the ability to absorb the change and key areas of focus in line with the goals. In order to achieve the enterprise agility, the organization needs to go beyond adopting a few Agile practices. It requires the change in culture, business, and IT alignment, PMO operations, and leadership commitment across the value stream processes —from budgeting to portfolio planning to deployment automation. 

Net Objectives Enterprise Agility Assessment methodology evaluates the organization across multiple vectors such as Business Agility, Management Agility, Team Agility and Technical Agility.

It is very important that the assessment is done with a purpose, and information gathered during assessment is leveraged to achieve that purpose. Net Objectives Enterprise Agility Assessment facilitates that. It’s used to determine either the starting roadmap for the Agile transformation or to determine the Agile maturity across the organization and action plan to achieve the next level of maturity.

How does it work?

The assessment process is very simple. A senior Net Objectives enterprise level consultant engages with the key personnel and teams in the organization. Consultants observe the current processes and learn the organizational behavior by asking quantitative questions. Then, the consultant interprets the results and develops a report containing the positive aspects and areas of improvements. The consultant also documents his/her recommendation to achieve the desired goals and shares it with the key stakeholders. 

The process takes 5-10 working days (depends on the type of assessment and availability of the key personnel. Most organizations report a high ROI due to right start or revitalizing the Agile transformation journey. 

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