Net Objectives: Agile Transformation

Leading Experts in Lean-Agile at all Levels 

We provide three paths to Agile at Scale:

  • FLow for Enterprise Transformation (FLEX) is an operating model based identifying what will achieve the greatest value while organizing the talent to allocate an organization's capacity to realize value quickly, predictably, sustainably and with high quality. FLEX is a much lighter alternative to SAFe while providing the essential guidance to leadership and management that is not present in LeSS.
  • Net Objectives Essentials – a collection of licensed courses and online training that is intended to support a Center of Excellence (COE) to support their own transformation.
  • Using FLEX to simplify and focus SAFe®. As contributors to SAFe we both understand it and know how to use it contextualized for particular organizations.

Net Objectives has been on the forefront of Agile since its inception. Our thought leading consultants have on average 30+ years of experience in doing scaled Agile transformations. Lessons from our book, Lean-Agile Software Development: Achieving Enterprise Agility(2009), provided foundational practices that are now SAFe standards. Our technical practices on ATDD helped define the SAFe core value: Built-in Quality. Our books and training on Agile Architecture and Skills for Agile Development provide a deep understanding of SAFe technical practices that few others in the industry can provide.

We have a proven engagement model that assesses your organization’s practices, disciplines, and culture. We don't take a "one-size fits all" approach and tailor our solutions to your needs. This enables us to support both SAFe and our own Lean-Agile approach (FLEX - FLow for Enterprise Transformation) when called for. We focus on leadership and management training to get alignment and ensure that the right mindset is in place to get rapid and lasting return on your SAFe investment. Our deep experiences with Lean-Agile transformations ensure that the principles and practices of SAFe are understood in your context and domain. This is especially important for clients not quite large or complex enough to require large scale approaches and only need the Net Objectives Essentials which provides organizations with the core support they need to do their own Agile transformation. Click on the images or links below to learn more.  Click on the images or links below to learn more.

  Net Objectives' FLEX (FLow for Enterprise Transformations)          Net Objectives' Essentials                                        SAFe Practice


If you are just starting your agile transformation journey or you feel that you are stuck and are looking to turn it around or you just want to achieve the next level maturity, our experts can help you. All of our consultants have built, managed or led the creation of software and have learned in the trenches. We bring that broad, deep pool of experience to you.

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