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You've completed a Net Objectives design course. Congratulations!

During class, we do our best to ensure that the critical ideas presented are clear to you, and that you retain them. However, sometimes it can be difficult to determine where your gaps are immediately. Sometimes a few days will go by before you realize that one point or another did not "stick."

Support on the Net Objectives Portal

Visit the Course Support Page on the Net Objectives Portal for learning resources, videos, and a post-assessment quiz to test your knowledge of what you have learned. The resources and quiz are free for all students who have completed the course. For more information, contact your instructor or

Support at the Net Objectives Website

We have also have a Roadmap of the skills covered in our design and analysis courses. Note, this content is part of our portal premium content

Also, the Net Objectives Pattern Repository is a great place to refresh your understanding of patterns.

We have an online Foundations of Sustainable Design course at the Net Objectives University that you may find very helpful.  See your instrutor for a free coupon if you'd like to take the course, which includes videos, coding exercises, and more.

Finally, Other Recorded material is available to our alumni on a variety of topics.

Free Seminars and Training

Deepen your knowledge and skills with free seminars and more training. See the training we offer in Design Patterns for more information.

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