Lean-Agile Resources

Welcome to the Net Objectives Resources page, a site into itself that contains articles, webinar recordings, book chapters and more. If you are new to this page, please take a moment to read this as it’ll tell you how to best make use of this site.

Although there is a large amount of information here, we have created a portal where more of our new materials now reside.  The portal also has a forum for discussions.  You will have to register on the portal with a linkedin ID.  Check out the Net Objectives Portal.

This page is organized three different ways.  The Resource Categories to the right allows you to see resources by topic:

  • Lean-Agile Roadmap. Our method of improving organizations small and large
  • Scaled Agile Framework. Learn a leading method on how to do agility at scale.
  • Technical Course Support. Provides access to materials for post-course learning
  • Agile Design. Learn how design patterns and object-oriented analysis & design can vastly help the quality of your code
  • Sustainable TDD. Learn how to avoid the problem of maintaining tests bogging you down.
  • Leanban. The Next Step in the Evolution of Agile
  • Lean-Scrum.Learn how Lean can vastly improve your Scrum implementation
  • Lean-Kanban. Learn how to do Kanban at both an enterprise and team level
  • FAQs. See answers to some common questions.

At the bottom of this page you will see links for those who are with the PMI or are an internal coach.  Finally, look at the bottom right to see our materials organized by type.  Check out our lightning webinars as they provide a lot of bang for a short time (all less than 12 minutes).  Also, check out the user groups we lurk on – please ask any questions you have there.

Access is granted on 3 levels: guests can access a sprinkling of information while those registered get access to most of the site. Some selected recordings are only available to Alumni.

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