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We're offering a new program where you can get access to all of our online workshops for as little as $49/month (Design Patterns Course support is the only excluded course). Net Objectives has been committed to leading edge methods for 20 years. While what Agile means has not changed much in 2 decades, the methods to achieve its intent, when extended to an organization, has. That's why we've been at the forefront of each method. Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean, SAFe, LeSS, ... have each provided new concepts beyond the ones before.  Our own approach FLEX: FLow for Enterprise Transformation goes one step further by focusing on the true goal, achieving business agility - the quick realization of value predictably, sustainably and with high quality; while using each of these prior frameworks as tools where appropriate and tying them together with Lean-Thinking. 

But perhaps more important than the transition of the tool set available to people is how these methods are taught. Unfortunately, this hasn't changed much in 20 years. Most trainings are mostly copies of the certifying model on which they are built and big learnings up front (BLUF). This is a play on words of BDUF (big design up front) in the early years of Agile. The problems with BLUF is first, most training is done in a packaged manner that doesn't get contextualized for the people receiving it and second, 90% of the information presented in a course is forgotten within 2 weeks of the class. 

Agile requires changing habits and that requires small habits over time (SHOT). This requires modern training methods such as scaled learning, back of the room, flipped classroom, multi-media and more. Not only are these methods more effective, they are also less expensive.

To enable people to take advantage of this we've created two bundles of our online, instructor supported, workshops. The Premium Bundle is $49/month and provides access to most of our online workshops but without instructor support.  The Premium Live Bundle is $99/month and provides 1-3 live support sessions each week for different topics. You can subscribe for as long or short as you like. Both bundles include:

  • Premium content on the Net Objectives portal, including directed reading sets for various roles, templates for team agility, and our many webinar sessions.   
  • A robust technical training course focused on Sustainable Software Development. Equivalent to a 3 day course on object-oriented design and programming. This was designed as a self-study course. Live sessions are provided to mostly ask questions on the exercises.
  • An introduction to Agile Product Management which is essential for Product Managers and Product Owners. Equivalent to ½ day introduction. This was designed as a self-study course. Live sessions are provided to delve deeper into requested topics.
  • The Advanced Scrum Master and Kanban Online Workshop. This workshop offers twice the content of an Advanced Scrum Master course and is presented in a way that you learn while helping your teams. This was designed to be integrated with live sessions to answer questions, go deeper into topics, help participants implement the concepts presented and to discuss topics not included in the curriculum. Equivalent to a 4 day workshop on being an advanced Scrum Master and Kanban coach when subscribed to live sessions.
  • Lean-Agile at Mid-Scale FLEX Essentials. A newly reworked course for Directors and Transition Agents to help guide the transformation of mid-scale organizations to Lean-Agile.  This was designed to be integrated with live sessions to answer questions, go deeper into topics, help participants implement the concepts presented and to discuss topics not included in the curriculum. Equivalent to a 2 day workshop on Agile at scale when live sessions subscribed to.

There are three sets of live sessions available for the different workshops offered:

  • Sustainable Software Development (Led by Scott Bain. 1-3 30 minute sessions weekly, times variable)
  • Advanced Scrum Master and Kanban Coach (Led by Al Shalloway. 1-3 30 minute sessions weekly,  usually 7am and 12pm pacific)
  • Agile Product management and Lean-Agile at Mid-Scale FLEX Essentials (Led by Al Shalloway. 1-3 30 minute sessions weekly, usually 7am and 12 pm pacific)

We expect to be adding more courses in the future and we may have additional subscription options as we expand our offerings. 

Get more information and register for either the Premium Bundle or Premium Live Bundle by following these links. Remember, you can quit at anytime. 

Looking for a program increment planning tool?

For the next six months anyone enrolled in Premium Live will also get access to our Program Board Builder at no additional charge. This is a lightweight tool that can help you manage your program increment planning event. It provides insights on how to best collaborate and manage dependencies and can also be used with remote teams. 

Need a planing event tool? We're also providing access to our Program Board Builder that can remotely coordinate program increment planning events.

New Book is almost finished.

See it online - Going Beyond Lean and Agile: Introducing FLEX – FLow for Enterprise TransformationThis is a culmination of my 20 years experience with Scrum, SAFe, Lean, Kanban and more. It's written in a very pragmatic manner while providing a section that goes into more depth on the theory when you want it to. It provides a much more effective alternative to SAFe and LeSS - especially for development groups of less than 1000 people. 

More technical blogs from Scott Bain

I'm encouraged by the increase in people looking at test first. Here are a few posts Scott has written on this:

Mocking as a Design Smell LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
TDD and the Separation of Concerns LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Testing vs. Testability LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
TDD and the OCP LinkedIn | Blog & Audio

Advanced Scrum Master and Kanban online/on-the-job workshop led by me has just started

The industry's current approaches to growing effective team coaches are ineffective, inefficient and very expensive. A traditional two-day Advanced Scrum Master workshop will not significantly improve a Scrum Master - little is retained in intensive 2-day workshops. Scrum Masters and Kanban coaches need on-the-job training. If you have the funds to bring in a coach to work with your coaches, that's great. But it's also very expensive. We've designed the Advanced Scrum Master/Kanban workshop to grow Agile team coaches by actually working with their team over a three month period. It uses advanced training methods, in particular, a flipped classroom format, where participants learn concepts and then apply them to their team. I provide backup and answer questions as needed. This approach is much more effective while being less costly to present. Participants get several times the content of a 2-day course at less than half the price.

Design Patterns Public Course in Redmond

We have scheduled our next public offering of our Design Patterns Thinking course in Redmond. If you are interested in attending this course yourself or in sending a group of folks to it, register here. This course addresses key questions in modern development such as how to design systems that have changeability as a fundamental quality and how the team can communicate effectively when a design is in a constant state of change, and is essential for technical members of a development team.

Sustainable Test-Driven Development Public Course in Seattle

We have also scheduled a public offering of our Sustainable Test-Driven Development course in Seattle. If you are interested in attending this course yourself or in sending a group of folks to it, register here. This course teaches participants the skills of unit testing, refactoring, and incremental development. We teach how to make Test-Driven Development sustainable with a focus on deriving maximum value (technical and business) from minimal effort and cost.

As always, happy to chat.

Al Shalloway 

CEO, Net Objectives
425-269-8991 @alshalloway

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