Leanban- The Next Step in the Evolution of Agile

Leanban PrimerSee a recording of the webinar Leanban: The next step in the Evolution of Agile.

Leanban enables companies to have a consistent approach to team-level Agile while enabling the teams to customize it to suit their context.  By coming from proven Lean-Thinking principles, Leanban provides a business with a proven approach to improving the effectiveness of their teams. 

Leanban combines the best of Scrum and Kanban and avoids the dogma often found in their adoption.  Leanban was designed both to improve current Scrum and Kanban teams as well as to provide the most effective team-level Agile approach for those just adopting Agile.

Net Objectives is uniquely qualified to have created Leanban as we were early practitioners of Scrum as well as co-creators of Lean-Kanban University.  By integrating the best of both, Leanban is designed to:

  • teach teams those practices virtually all Agile teams should be doing (neither Scrum nor Kanban includes all of these practices - see Framework Tunnel Vision to understand why)
  • provide guidance to teams on when to use cross-functional teams and / or use iterations
  • provide all teams with a good starting point as well as a learning process to adjust practices as needed (see How to Abandon Practices)

​But Leanban goes beyond Scrum and Kanban in many ways.  It includes:

  • the use of basic Acceptance Test-Driven Developme
  • clarity on how teams must focus on business value delivery and not merely producing code   
  • straightforward methods for coordinating development groups of up to 100 people without needing heavy frameworks

Whitepaper and Primer on Leanban

An Introduction to Leanban gives a quick overview of Leanban: Its advantages, what it is, issues in implementation and getting started, roles and artifacts, and some Leanban practices.

The Leanban Primer is a useful reference for teams who have had some basic training in agile practices (such as Scrum or kanban) and want to use agile in the context of Lean. It is designed to assist the transition to effective Lean-Agile practices that enable enterprise delivery of value to customers.

How to Get Training/Coaching in Leanban

Net Objectives provides Leanban training and coaching on Leanban for those new to Agile as well as those currently doing Scrum and/or Kanban.  We also do tune-ups to improve your current Scrum and Kanban practices.  Most companies we work with in this way continue to do Scrum and Kanban, only better.  We also teach Scrum and Kanban, but under the Leanban umbrella.  Contact Mike.Shalloway@netobjectives.com for more information.

Additional Information on Leanban

A New Agile Team Approach Emerges. This blog lays out the beginning discussion of our new approach.

What Team Level Approaches Should Consider.  This blog discusses what practices all teams should do.  Essentially if you are doing Scrum or Kanban or the Kanban Method, consider those listed here - regardless of what the creators of those process say, these practices have a proven track record for virtually all teams.

The Danger of Point Solutions.  Our new approach is not an integration of Scrum and the Kanban Method.  Doing so would limit us to the practices of both. We do not want to do one or the other - we want to learn what works for us. 

Insights at Agile 2014, Part III: Lean-Agile Development, 3rd Generation Agile.  This blog discusses how we shouldn't be asking about whether to use Scrum or the Kanban Method but should be recognizing both spring from Lean. 

The Right Way to Do Scrum, but ...  We often hear Scrum-but in a derogatory fashion.  However, when it is appropriate to go beyond Scrum, here's the right way to do it. 

If you are having troubles running Scrum or Kanban, maybe it's because the approach you are trying is not the right one for you.  Contact mike.shalloway@netobjectives.com if you want to see how we can help.